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NetPage Unlimited

Centralized Paging Solution

NetPage Unlimited is LRS' enterprise browser-based software for notifying guests or staff from anywhere on any networked computer.


Page, Text, or Email Guests / Staff In An Instant

Perfect for large organisations to notify waiting guests or contact staff quickly, NetPage Unlimited offers the scale needed. Manage multiple wait lists across many departments or services, each with large numbers of guests or staff to communicate with. Message via an LRS pager, SMS text, or email.

Whether used at a hospital, manufacturing facility, or university, NetPage Unlimited offers the flexibility needed to build custom wait lists, immediately notify guests, and contact staff.

Benefits of using NetPage Unlimited

  • LRS Guest Check In

    Manage Many Guests with Ease

    Create one or many visitor waitlists that can be viewed and updated by several people in your organisation. Add, notify, and update visitor status from any computer.

  • LRS Notify Staff

    Locate & Notify Staff Instantly

    Notify staff by paging or texting them instantly – when visitors arrive, when help is needed, or when a task needs tending to.

  • LRS Communicate

    Communicate Effectively

    Offer co-workers a view into one or many waitlists, the ability to notify staff across the organization, or message groups of people.

  • LRS Message Staff

    Coordinate Large Distributed Staffs

    Message staff across locations - buildings, campus-wide, or other cities - via pager, text or email. Anyone on the same corporate network.


  • NetPage Screen

    On Its Own

    Use NetPage Unlimited as an offline waitlist tool. Create one or many wait lists.

  • NetPage Pagers

    With LRS Pagers

    Connect NetPage to an LRS transmitter and your company network, then page guests and staff with an LRS pager.

  • NetPage Mobile

    With Guest or Staff Mobile Phones

    Connect NetPage to your LAN and Internet, and you can alternately SMS text guest or staff mobile phones.

Simple Setup

NetPage Unlimited runs on a local server behind your firewall, making the application available to any number of employees on the same enterprise network.

Implementation is simple, once it’s added to the network, there is no program installation required on users’ computers. Users simply access NetPage Unlimited through a browser and log-in.

LRS NetPage Task Screen
  • InstallDownload NetPage Unlimited onto a network-connected server (Must be Internet enabled to support SMS texting and online reporting.)
  • ConnectPlug the LRS transmitter to the server and any repeaters throughout your facility.
  • Setup & TrainBefore you launch, LRS will assist with any customisation requests and provide training.
  • Assign UsersProvide user log-ins to staff members to access NetPage Unlimited via a browser.
  • Use & AnalyseManage waitlists, guest and staff messaging, and task assignments. View reports to understand trends and opportunities for improvement.

See how NetPage Unlimited can help increase your company’s productivity and efficiency.

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Professional Guest Waitlists

  • LRS Browser Screen


    Manage waitlists from any number of computers on the same network; and share lists among staff members to manage guests.

  • LRS Self Check-in

    Self Check-in

    Provide visitors a self-check-in option on-site, or even remotely, to speed up the registration process upon their arrival.

  • LRS Waitlists

    Standard or Custom Waitlists

    Use the standard waitlist or create customised waitlists that collect the information needed for the services you provide.

  • LRS List

    Multiple Guest Waitlists

    Add any number of waitlists to NetPage Unlimited to support several departments, staff members, or services.

NetPage Waitlist Screen
  • LRS Workflow

    Visitor Workflow

    Move guests from one waitlist to another as they proceed through their visit. Great for places where a guest has multiple appointments within a single visit.

Enterprise-Wide Messaging

  • LRS Staff Lists

    Staff Lists

    Add lists of staff associated by waitlist, department or company for employees to find one-another quickly and easily.

  • LRS Premise Status

    On/Off Premise Status

    Staff can indicate if there are presently on or off location, giving co-workers insight into who’s on-site at that time.

  • LRS Staff Groups

    Staff Groups

    Create any number of groups of staff members so they may be simultaneously alerted when needed.

  • LRS Page, SMS, Text

    Page, SMS Text, or Email Preferences

    Allow staff to choose their communication method of preference – an LRS pager, mobile text messaging to their phone, or email.

NetPage Messaging Screen
  • LRS Custom Messaging

    Custom or Canned Messaging

    Message guests and staff with specific messages tied to that list, or create custom messages on the fly.

Staff Task Manager

  • LRS User

    Assign Individual Tasks

    Reach staff virtually anywhere to assign a task without having to hunt down individuals, and be automatically notified when it’s completed.

  • LRS Assign Tasks

    Assign Group Tasks

    Create multiple task lists for groups of users, ensuring each member of that group see the list of tasks needing to be addressed.

  • LRS Monitor Tasks

    Monitor Tasks

    View assigned tasks online and monitor them through to completion.

NetPage Task Screen


  • LRS Reporting

    Standard Reporting

    Knowing your daily activity and response times is important. Monitor average wait times for each department, late notifications, task assignments, and more.

  • LRS Custom Reports

    Custom Reports

    Design a report that offers additional data that’s important to your business or workflow.

NetPage Report Screen


  • LRS TrackerNetPage SoftwareManage waitlists, staff lists, and messaging.
  • LRS WiFiLRS TransmitterWirelessly connect LRS pagers with the NetPage Unlimited system.
  • LRS MobileGuest & Staff PagersNotify visitors and co-workers reliably and instantly with LRS pagers.
  • LRS ReportingOnline ReportingMonitor wait times, late times, and staff task completions via online reporting.
  • LRS WarrantyWarrantyOur warranty covers LRS hardware, with options to extend coverage for up to three years.
  • LRS Support Customer SupportNetPage customers receive dedicated on-boarding and on-going maintenance support. Our staff is by your side from implementation to operational support – we’ve got your back.
LRS NetPage Desktop
LRS Pager Kit


From product selection to customisations, our sales and support team are here to help. We have years of experience in the planning and deployment of paging / communication systems.

Our expert staff will assist you in the implementation of a tailored solution to satisfy your individual requirements for the best possible outcome.

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