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Boost Power Bank

Smart Wireless Inductive Charging

The innovative portable mobile phone charger designed exclusively for the service sectors.


New Standard To Hit The Hospitality Industry

It is the innovative portable mobile phone charger designed exclusively for the service sectors. With simultaneous charging technology BOOST allows the charging service to maintain a high standard and efficiency.

Innovative Way To Connect

  • LRS Smart Charge

    Smart Charging

    The charging base automatically recognises the total current required for the discs.

  • LRS Intelligence


    Each disc has a power management IC and MCU to control the input current automatically.

  • LRS Fast Charge

    Fast Recharge

    If the disc needs power, it will allow full input for maximum recharge efficiency.

  • LRS Slow Charge

    Trickle Charge

    If the charger is full, it will trickle charge to ensure the disc is full while under self-consumption on the stack.

  • LRS Equal

    Equal Charging

    Top and bottom banks charge equally.

Boost Power Bank


Boost Power Bank
  • ChargeCharge the BOOST charging disc’s, when not in use.
  • AssignHand out the charging disc; record disc number and proof of identification on docket.
  • UseYour customers can enjoy charging their devices without being restricted to a power point.
  • ReturnWhen the customer returns the charging disc place that disc on the bottom of the pile then the next disc is ready to go.


  • Boost Charging Power

    Power Indicator

    Once the BOOST power bank is active the power button will turn blue.

  • Boost Charging Light

    Charge Light

    When the BOOST power bank is on the stack and charging the colour indicates the current status. Red-Charging / Blue-Fully Charged

  • Boost Charging Devices


    In-built micro cable allows the BOOST power bank to charge both Micro-USB and Apple Lighting equipped devices.

LRS Pager Kit


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