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21st Century Paging for Restaurants

Call it the Swiss army knife of paging. The only app that manages detailed wait lists, assigns tables and quickly pages customers and staff.


Give Your Pagers Some Oomph!

The only application flexible enough to provide the options you need.

A Simply Powerful Waitlist

  • LRS Guest Entry

    Easy Guest Entry

    Add parties to the list, quote their wait time, and record customer preferences in mere seconds. Popular with casual dining restaurants.

  • LRS Timer

    Countdown Timer

    Need to alert customers when their allotted time is up? Use the countdown function. It’s a great option for fitness centers and pool halls.


    Page or SMS Text

    Notify guests using LRS pagers or SMS messaging. It’s your choice (or your customer’s).

  • LRS Comment

    Custom Messaging

    No two businesses are alike, that’s why you need options to customise the message you deliver.

  • LRS Signal

    Status Indicators

    Meet and beat expectations with color-coded status updates that change as quoted times near.

  • LRS Table

    Table Management

    View table availability, seat guests, and update status from anywhere using LRS’ remote table updater.

  • LRS Sync

    Multi-Device Synching

    Synch more than one iPad together in a single location when multiple areas of your business view and manage the same wait list.

  • LRS Unlock

    Unlimited in Every Way

    Add an unlimited number of guests and page an unlimited number of times, for free! Only pay to purchase an SMS text package if you want to also text message guests (*pricing available upon request).

LRS On Cue


On Cue Kit
  • DownloadFree in the iPad App Store, On Cue can be used for any business managing wait lists, guest queues, and staff paging.
  • ConnectConnect On Cue with LRS Pagers – Connect your LRS paging system and On Cue to the same WiFi network and activate the transmitter within On Cue.
  • ViewChoose Your View – Use either the full wait list or the simple one-touch paging screen to track waiting guests or page fellow staff members.
  • AnalyseObserve daily stats.

See the On Cue Waitlist in action.

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Measure Activity & Improve

  • Daily Stats

    Daily Stats

    Real-time stats in-app show how you’re performing against your wait list’s quoted-time goals, and you can even clear stats to measure each new shift.

  • Activity Log

    Activity Log

    See a chronological running history of each action taken within a wait list; which is helpful when multiple hosts are managing a single list.

  • Wait Times

    Wait Times

    Monitor the wait time for each party on the list compared to the quoted time provided. Helping you seat guests in a timely manner.


One-Touch Staff Paging

  • LRS Start

    Tap to Start

    Tap a pager button on the screen to notify a staff member or manager. The perfectly simple way for kitchen or bar staff to notify servers or call managers when needed.

  • LRS Find Staff

    Find Staff & Managers

    The staff one-touch paging screen allows you to label pagers and indicate who’s a manager. Quickly page co-workers, servers, and managers when needed.

  • LRS Custom

    Custom Label Pagers

    Want to label pager buttons with something other than the pager number? Like a person’s name or their staff number? No problem with custom labels.

  • LRS Messaging

    Custom Messaging

    Create a custom message for staff, manager, or all-staff notifications. And update those messages anytime you wish.

LRS On Cue
LRS Pager Kit


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